About TSU

The Street University is a pioneering youth movement that legendary Hip Hop group Public Enemy’s Chuck D called “a work of art.

The Street University concept is founded on an idea Ted Noffs envisioned in the 60s in Sydney – that is “No young person is a write off”. Every Street University centre is unique. The programs are tailored to local young people’s interests and are often run by the young people themselves. Our mantra is “For the street, by the street”.

Whether you’re looking to hone your creative skills, move beyond your drug problems, find housing, do better at school, start a new business or even just finding a community to be a part of – the Street University is here for you. We have helped thousands upon thousands of young people find exciting new futures. Whether its hip hop, dance, graf or even business – were here to help you forge a future that is as unique as you!

A 2022 study by UNSW of TSU found that:

The (Street University) is designed… to provide (young people) with a safe space, social supports, life skills development opportunities and, when required, therapeutic AOD (Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment) and mental health interventions.

Overall, 50% of young people who remained with the service reduced their (drug) dependence, 55% experienced improved quality of life, and 71% experienced reduced (psychological) distress.

Reduced Drug Dependence


Reduced Trauma


Improved Quality of life


An evaluation of TSU over three years found:

Reduction in anti-social behaviour0%
Improved relationships0%
Improved community connection0%
Increased education and employment0%

Similarly, surveyed community members recognised the benefits of the program with:


% reporting that they felt the community was a safer place


% reporting crime had been reduced because of Street University

A study released in 2022 by UNSW found that young people who remained with the service:

reduced their (drug) dependence0%
Improved quality of life0%
Experienced reduced (psychological) distress0%