Welcome to The Street University

Everything you love about Street University is here online and in the TSU LIVE APP including an exciting schedule of workshops and sessions for young people aged 12 – 25.


The Street University is a pioneering youth movement that Public Enemy’s Chuck D called “a work of art”.
The Street University concept is founded on an idea Ted Noffs envisioned in the 60s in Sydney – that is “No young person is a write off”.

Creative Studios Sydney 2022

These short documentary films tell stories from Western Sydney, speaking to themes of belonging, culture, community and identity.

Program Timetables

Check out our individual campus timetables showing the programs that are currently available this semester in your area.

Street Uni Radio

A youth-led 24 hour online radio station, for the street by the street. Music, art and culture direct from The Street University centres around Australia



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The Street University App houses everything you need to keep up to date with, and enjoy all of the activities and programs that TSU have to offer. It is also designed to help members manage clinical/engagement plans and enable members to check into the facilities automatically when they arrive on campus.

Our Programs

Our programs aim to assist in the development of young people in a variety of areas ranging from education to music, recreation and employment. Through these programs, TSU seeks to develop the human and social capital needed to create an energy-positive community that grows itself.

Stop, Collaborate & Listen

Music Workshop, Beatmaking, Lyric Writing & Recording Group. Collaborate with MC’s, DJ’s, Producers, Vocalists & Musicians.

Passion To Pro

10 Week Music Business Course covering areas including Roles In the Industry, Marketing, Promotion, Networking, Accounting and more. Learn from industry professionals. Create your own EPK.

Beatmaking 101

Learn the art of making beats & producing electronic music. Open to all styles and skill levels.

Breakin' 101

Beginner to intermediate breakdance classes. Learn various techniques including floor work, power moves and more.

Breakin' Cypher

A weekly get together where Bboys & Bgirls can develop their skills, exchange knowledge and strengthen their community. This workshop uses an “each one teach one” style of learning.

DJ Skills

Learn various techniques to help you become a successful DJ, including beatmatching, scratching, beat juggling and more.

Hip Hop Dance 101

Beginner to intermediate Hip Hop dance classes. Learn from award winning, highly experienced, industry leading choreographers.

Pacific Tingz

Join us for weekly catch-ups and talanoa about Pacific music, culture, food, dance and more.

Deadly Dreaming

Join us for weekly catch-ups focused on connection to Indigenous culture through, music, dance, art, food and history.

Street Pride

A self directed group that aims to address the needs, and increase opportunities and representation, of young people from gender diverse backgrounds.

Street Slam

Learn the history and techniques of spoken word & slam poetry. Create your own original works and present them at Slam Poetry events.

Audio Engineering 101

Learn the art of Audio Engineering Including various recording and mixing techniques.


Learn various techniques and styles of photography using smartphones and/or DSLR technology.

Graphic Design

Learn how to create flyers, images and graphics for your social media sites, events and more.

Street Talk

A daily podcast streaming straight out of each of The Street University centres around the country.